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If you want go to holiday this is The Cheap Travel Bestinations Bukit Lawang, many people do not know where is bukit lawang but for this articles I want to explained about forest bukit lawang.

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Bukit lawang is one of the orangutans existing reservation area in northern Sumatra who also has many other animals that are there. Bukit lawang somewhere we can take from the field about three hours to reach the location, where we will find a river where the water is crystal clear and very good for our swimming and rafting, which we know is highly preferred by the tourists who come from various countries.

Bukit Lawang is not the atmosphere is still good forest provide fresh air, especially when the atmosphere in the morning, there a lot of hotel or lodging place along the edge of the river, this is one of the advantages of this bukit lawang, so the touris who come there are not confused looking for a place stay.

Tourist attractions bukit lawang  has become one of the most vacation spots once the tourists go abroad, and when I visited this bukit lawang I saw once there are many tourists who visit, there were bringing little younger children and also are already about 5 years old they most enjoy rafting.

If you want your holiday to be coming for a visit to the bukit lawang because this place also you can take directly from the airport international Kualanamu, could by renting a car, just not hard to get to this place.

You must know the island of Bali whichyou must know the island of Bali which became one of the best vacation spots in Indonesia but bukit lawang is a forest nuance into place and also has wonderful river for rafting, so come visit there soon.

if you are uncertain this place you can try searching through google so you are more confident that this is indeed the most foreign tourists visit.

This my picture when I go to  Bukit Lawang

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