Achievement and Success

The number of people in America is considerable, compared to other countries and they are located primarily in the cities and towns of a large area of diverse natural environments, still with considerable mineral and soil wealth and still not intensively exploited and there is colaboration technology anf wealth manufacured goods that is now the greatest in the world.

United States is a country which respects on achievement and success. American believe that the ones who make efforts to be the best, so they can be the best. There are no factors like caste, religion, and culture which can stop the ones to be the best. They have new ideas to create something new. In other words, the youths tend to be creative ones. Also, they tend to be easy to solve the problems since they have better and fresher solutions than the elders. Younger workers are seen as enthusiastic and ambitious. They always make some innovations and breakthrough in their fields. Furthermore, the younger workers have strong physic making them not to be easier to get sick, so that they have much more effective time to work. In contrast, Indonesia is a country which has politeness norm and appreciate what it is called tata krama. For Indonesians, age is highly valued. The older you are, it means you have made many contributions. You will be respected more. Also, the older you are the higher position you are in. The elders are absolutely respected.

Moreover, Indonesian judges the worth's worker based on seniority, how long she or he has been working. In Indonesian culture, seniority is one of the heritage cultures. The system which is applied that is juniors must respect the seniors.

This country has a strong agrarian tradition which farming is still regarded as a family occuption and the farming consists of less than 10 percent of the total and now farming is considerable as merely another form of industry. The great majority of individuals are employees. Money is the denominator of exchange, even property having a value only in terms of its monetary worth and money is a indicator of achievements and success of Americans. This similar with Indonesia, which in Indonesia employess is one of countable success or effects the level of achievement or success.

Achievements and success are measured primarly by the quantity of material goods one possesses, both because these are abundant and because they indicate how much money an individual earns. The personal worth is also one of evidence in achievements and success of Americans. In indonesia this way of thought also did but sometimes some people get jealous with others’ achievements.

The achievements and success of Americans also can see from expensive clothing or furniture, a fine car, an expensive home and etc. Other side a Americans achievements indicator is the level of education and social behavior; but even these qualities seem to be significant only in terms of how much income they help Americans to obtain. For example, a college professor who has earned Ph.D.will have less status of achievements in the general community than a businesss executive or film actor who has no college education but commands a much larger salary. Thuis case contrary with culture in Indonesia. In indonesia level of education is the better one achievements than an actor or actris.

7.Twofold judgement

A special characteristic of Americans is that making twofolds judgement based on principle. Twofold judgements seem to be the rule in America life: wrong-right, ilegal-legal, sin-virtue, secular-religion and etc. This kind of thinking tends to put the world of values absolutes.

Below some basic of the twofolds in America.

1. Moralizing

One of the most basic twofold in America is to classify actions as good or bad. Judging people and actions as absolutely right or wrrong is the base considerable strenght in America and it has influenced Americans in their relationship with other peoples. They believe every people has its own code of proper conduct and because of this thinking American can tend the discovery that the ideal behaviour which was taught to expect from parent, public servants, spoises and some individual react by becoming “tough”, and “clynical” and wise to the corruption of the world.

2. Time is money

Whenever Americans interact with people in nonindustrial countries both quickly become aware that their outlook in regard time is different. When referring to the American version, they mean that exact, that people are punctual, activities are scheduled, time is apportioned for arate activities, and the measure is the mechanical clock; their own time lacks this precision. Probably misunderstandings with people of other cultures occur most frequently in relation to work. For Americans, “time is money”. Work is paid for in money and one should balance his work against time or through regular periods for a fixed salary. A person works for a stated number of dollars per hour and eight or ten hours per day 40 or 48 hours a week. Individuals simply dont keep hours or appointments precisely and are surprised when they learn that an American is irritated by missed appointment. Always be on time is the characteristic of Americans.

A worker does not have to wait for years to upgrade to the next position. They really appreciate time. They never ignore each chance coming to them. Therefore, no wonder if someone who is still young has become a leader of a company or director.

3.Effort and optimism

Americans are an active people. They believe that problem should be identified effort should be identified and effort should be expended to solve them.Efort is good in itself, and with proper effort one can be optimistic about success. The high value connected with effort often causes Americans to cite the principle that “ it is better to do something than to just stand around”.

The national confidence in effort and activity with an optimism that trying to do something about a problem will almost invariably bring success in solving it, seems to be specifically American. Effort ,achievement, and success are woven through American. In Americans there are status differences, based mainly on occuption, education and financial worth. Achievements in this things is valued more than inheritance in determining an individual’s position. Although in theory all persons have equal opportunities, certain limitations exists, particularly those based on ethnic background and se

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